Grey Foxtail
Grey Foxtail

Grey Foxtail



Region: EU-adapter.

Grey EU Foxtail is an elegant model from our Fashion Collection made for the European adapter. It comes in a clean grey leather with stylish shiny golden buttons. Grey is the third model of our Fashion Collection and a limited edition


  • Grey Nappa leather on the outside.
  • Light grey microfiber on the inside
  • Imitated golden snap buttons.

Grey Foxtail is the perfect companion for your iPhone.

It consists of two parts, the Loop which mounts on and organizes the cable and the Tail which mounts on the adapter and holds cable and adapter together. Together they make up the Foxtail.

Once mounted, Blush Foxtail is designed to permanently stay on your charger. It won’t be in your way while charging, and you won’t have to worry about losing it.

Finally organize better and travel smarter in a compact design, fit for every occasion. Foxtail makes charging easy and clutter-free. Enjoy cables that last longer, reduce plastic waste, and have an organized charger always ready at hand wherever you go.