Meet The


Meet David Steen and Alain Tang.

Foxtail was born out of a desire to solve a very simple problem: how to better organize our iPhone charger in a simple and more beautiful way.

Quite frankly... Using our iPhones daily, it became frustrating managing our chargers using rubber-bands! Wrapping the cable around the adapter to keep them together, the daily mess of tangled cables inevitably ended with them twisting and breaking. It was a mess. It looked ugly.

Seems any familiar?...

At Foxtail we believe in the beauty of keeping things simple - that small things can make powerful changes, inspire us and push us forward!

We wanted to inspire a new mindset about how to handle our original charger more responsibly. That small changes can make things easier, look better and last longer. So far, the Apple people have had no serious options to change this. We hope Foxtail will inspire that change while promoting the ease and elegance of being better organized.

This is why we created the Foxtail.

Our Mission

“To make beautiful, innovative and well-crafted products
that makes life more simple.”


Why did we start Foxtail?

As former graduates, our Macbook and iPhone were our mobile office and we were frustrated with messy and cluttered charging.
We missed a beautiful way to better organize our cable and hold it together with the adapter in an easy way wherever needed.

Another frustration came from having to exchange old broken cables with new cables over and over again. Not only was it a waste of money, but it seemed like a waste of ressources, and so we felt an urgency to enable responsible care and inspire a new way to handle the iPhone charger.

Coming from our nordic roots,
loving form and function, the Foxtail was born.

For a long time, we were building the Foxtails ourselves from raw leather, which we sold at local markets and designstores. But in 2017, we decided to scale up our business and establish a proper brand and vision. In beginning 2018 we changed our company name to FOXTAIL, and managed to set up a more serious production which helped us introduce the product to the market.

Our mission is simple: to make beautiful, innovative and exceptionally well-crafted products that simplifies your life.

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