How to Foxtail.

Using the Foxtail is quick and easy. Once you get the hang of it, traveling with your charger will feel like a breeze.

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1. Install TAIL

Place your adapter in the Tail with pins facing to the right. Fasten with double buttons.

The first time the fit may feel a bit tight. You might need to use a little force to get it on. This is intentional so the fit remains tight on the adapter once the leather settles. 

2. Install LOOP

Insert lightning cable through slits. Pull the Loop down to USB end and fold cable 5 times so ends of cable point in the same direction.

 It might take a few tries to get it right. Once you do, make final adjustments and leave it in the Loop for a day allowing the cable to settle and remember the folds. Folding it the same way every time is what will help the cable last longer and prevent the cable from twisting.

3. Close FOXTAIL

Place the Loop in the Tail. Close and fasten with the button.

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